First Folio Committee

15-FSL-0117_logo_preferredIn order to ensure the success of this exhibit, a steering committee with representation from various departments at UConn has been formed.

John Bell, Director, Ballard Institute and Museum of Puppetry
Kenneth Best, University Communications
Pamela Brown, Associate Professor, English
Lindsay Cummings, Assistant Professor of Theatre Studies, Dramatic Arts
Elizabeth Hart, Associate Professor, English
Brendan Kane, Associate Director of the Humanities Institute, Associate Professor, History
Clare King’oo, Associate Professor, Honors Program Director, English
Frank Mack, Associate Professor, Arts Administration
Jean Nihoul, Assistant Curator & Academic Project Coordinator, William Benton Museum of Art
Matthew J. Pugliese, Managing Director, Connecticut Repertory Theatre
Emma Romano, Graduate Assistant, MFA Arts Administration
Dale AJ Rose, Director of Performance Studies Program, Dramatic Arts
Gregory Semenza, Associate Professor, English
Nancy Stula, Executive Director, William Benton Museum of Art
Kristin Wold, Assistant Professor in Residence, Performance, Dramatic Arts